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"The deep sea as driver for new technology"

Workshop of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technolgy on Tuesday, May 12, 2009. See details

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General Topics

• Underwater acoustics and associated processing
Ocean observing systems
Remote sensing of air/ocean surface
Naval and offshore technology
Information technology and data management
Marine environment and pollution monitoring
Non acoustic instruments and associated processing
Marine policy and ocean management
Selected topics of marine research
    (Hydrothermal vents, Fluid seepage, Bioacoustics — Whale research)

Special Topics of the OCEANS09IEEEBremen

• Ecology versus economy — finding the right balance
• Integrated coastal observing strategies
Global observatory initiatives
The ocean component for GEOSS
Renewable Energy — offshore wind, solar and tide energy conversion
Advanced technologies for hydrocarbon and mineral resource exploration
Estuary systems and Wadden areas in the North and Baltic Sea
Marine Aquaculture
Maritime security and surveillance


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