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Bremen Town Musicians

Bremen, home of the world famous Bremen Town Musicians, is widely known as the vibrant,
multifaceted heart of north west Germany. The 1,200 year old hanseatic city has an exceptional quality that ensures a unique metropolitan city experience. Bremen together with Bremerhaven form the smallest federal state in Germany. Main industries are automotive engineering, port management, space and aviation, food, marine and offshore business.

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Bremen – City of Science

Bremen and Bremerhaven have long been fostering a lively exchange of science and industry. Within the last couple of years the city of Bremen has developed into one of the central locations of marine research and technology in Germany and in Europe.

UNIVERSUM Science Center

The major research institutions are the MARUM – Centre for Marine Environmental Sciences, which belongs to the University of Bremen, the Jacobs University of Bremen, the Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar Research (the largest marine research institution in Germany), and the Max Planck Institute for Marine Microbiology, which is spearheading the investigation of micro organisms in the ocean environment. Overall around 1,500 people are now working in the field of marine research in the state of Bremen.

UNIVERSUM Science Center Bremen            

Bremen – City of Marine Industry

Bremen plays a central role in marine and offshore technology in Germany. Highly specialized shipyards and suppliers of components for offshore industry and for the German Navy form the economic cornerstone for the successful, worldwide maritime branch of local industry.

Sea floor drill rig MARUM-MeBo
Sea floor drill rig MARUM-MeBo

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